Jeremy Greenberg


Greenberg Strategy was founded by Jeremy Greenberg. Jeremy is an advisor and entrepreneur, with 18 years of experience leading and guiding companies. He received his MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Jeremy has developed and led multi-million dollar business units for two Fortune 500 companies, served as a project team leader at global consulting firm The Boston Consulting Group, and was the president of a mobile app start-up. 

Jeremy currently serves as CEO of Flyte Fitness, a rapidly-growing exercise equipment and education company. He regularly lectures at universities and conferences on topics ranging from brand-building, to motivation, to primary research, to fitness and health. Jeremy is also a coach at the Blackstone LaunchPad at New York University Entrepreneurial Institute.

Greenberg Strategy focuses on high-priority projects that uncover deep insights through primary research, prioritizing and sequencing initiatives, and planning for successful execution. Greenberg Strategy has an approach that is effective for any industry, with recent clients ranging from Fortune 500's, to investment firms, to B2C consumer companies, to B2B manufacturing companies, to start-ups.

Greenberg Strategy has extensive qualitative and quantitative research experience. The firm has moderated 50+ focus group sessions and 100+ one-on-one sessions, conducted over 2,000 phone interviews, and executed over 50 online surveys.