What Our Clients Are Saying

Nelson Iginla, Private Equity


"Well done overall on a tight timeline. We were very impressed with the overall process. The ability to generate meaningful findings from phone interviews was very impressive."

Project:  Evaluated current and potential customers of acquisition target in the B2B services space. Interviewed 30 business owners across range of industries and geographies and developed actionable insights that drove investment decision.


Bryan Dunmire, eCommerce Partnerships
Anheuser Bush InBev


"Solid work. Got what needed to get done. We appreciated the discussions around the data gathered and the recommendations."

Project:  Assessed disruptive innovation opportunity in the food and beverage industry. Conducted phone interviews and a quantitative web survey of key decision makers to identify path forward.


David Humphreys, President & CEO


"Outstanding in all respects. From the outset, there was immediate attention, focus, and energy which continued through the completion of the project. Not afraid to question our assumptions. The analysis was extremely clear and it was not just dropped off us to figure out what to do with it:  there was a clearly detailed plan for execution. Great ability to communicate with facts and a vision."

Project:  Developed a growth turnaround approach for a division of a building products company that went live two months upon project completion. Interviewed company executives and sales staff, former competitors, industry experts, and customers. Analyzed financial performance and sales trends by SKU, location, and customer category. Product line, pricing, organizational structure, and sales and marketing strategy all changed.

Sarah Dziuk, Global Marketing


"Great partner in tackling a tough project. We had to solve for challenges in working with a range of stakeholders and gaps in data."  

Project: Built a clear picture of the customer lifecycle for a suite of B2B software solutions for the CMO of a global technology company.